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Companies that use a sales system reach their goals 25% more of the time than those who don’t.
Work Smarter can help you…

Build Relationships Faster!
  • Learn how to make prospects curious about meeting with you within 30 seconds.
  • Learn natural, friendly ways to ask for the business within 20-30 minutes of meeting your prospect.
  • Learn how to get a mini-commitment from your prospect before spending hours creating a customized proposal!
Reduce Cold Calling!
  • We’ll show you how to get qualified leads calling you!
  • Discover your “Best Client Profile” and learn to maximize your sales.
  • Build your business with referrals and repeat business!
Get the Tools You Need!
  • From writing sales brochures, kits, websites, even advertising campaigns, Work Smarter can create the professional tools you need!
Systemize Your Sales!
  • Studies prove that sales systems improve your sales results!
  • Systematic is automatic! It reduces call reluctance and stress.
6 Hours…that’s what most sellers are spending
before they even ask a prospect to buy!

1 Hour:   Cold calling, gathering materials for your appointment.
½ Hour:   Driving to the appointment.
1 Hour:   Interviewing the Prospect.
½ Hour:   Driving back from the appointment.
1½ Hour:   Preparing a Proposal.
½ Hour:   Driving back to the prospect’s office.
1 Hour:   Presenting your materials and FINALLY asking the
  prospect to buy!

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